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Erasmus plus KA1 Training course - Adult education
11 - 17 Februrary 2018. Antroposervice will host a training course on Entrepreneurial Creativity, targeting staff and teachers of adeult education organizations. Antroposervice wants to share with like-minded European organizations, an original training methodology, developed by the renowned institute IPAEA of Ascoli Piceno and later adopeted by the CIAC School Counseling. Such methodology lays at the foundationis of Antorposervice activities in the creative and cultural fields.
Partner del progetto SORT
KA1 Adult education training course
The course will makes available through a direct experience in accessible ways, a unique mesh-up of knowledge developed by different disciplines and different scientific fields in recent decades, not just in relation to intellectual-cognitive learning capacities, but also and above all on the intellectual-relational and communication abilities, to favor the construction and representation of an inner experience with new contents and explicit and implicit communication tools, able to produce not just the “contagion” of ideas, but also the “contagion” of motivations and good-sense to realize something that was not there before, even when and where there are no economic support or investments available.

The course contents are offered through a "metaphorical systems" taken from art languages (cinema, theater, dance, novels, myths, etc.), which favors the origination of ideas and experience as the “raw material” that will gain a defined shape along the course activities. Partcipants will be conducted through the discovery and acquisition of the original methodology, as well as the possible paths of integrating it in their respective teaching processes and environments. The 7-days training course mixes theoretical, practical and experiential learning, will provide the following modules, to be further explicited in detailed programmes:

- How to merge the opposites: learning how to make use of the black and white keys of a piano in harmony, for a possible synthesis of internal or external conflicts and obstacles.
- Giving shape to creativity: experiencing different expressions of individual and choral creativity: creative-writing, video making, dance and music and how to turn it in entrepreneurship.
- From Research to Action: learning the transition from a cocept/idea to the action. From the incubation of ideas, to the goal setting and fixing the route, valuing human and natural capital.
- Dialogue with reality: learning how to query the reality around us: assessing the potential, the risks and possible solutions.
- The solar system: learning how to recognize energies and resources around us to build alliances
- Circular thinking: learning how to converge different thinking as radius of the same wheel
- Body and creativity: re-discovering the vitality in our body, experiencing the body as the source of creativity,
through dance: Argentinian Tango and Flamenco.

The training course, carried out within Erasmus plus KA1 mobility is an opportunity for professional update and career upgrade of those working in adult education insitutions: management, teachers, trainers, counselors, staff, ecc..

Whether your Organization has already been selected for funding and has not yet decided for a course provider or would like to develop a joint proposal for Erasmus plus KA1 mobility for Adult Education staff, for the next deadline of February 2018, you can contact us.

Courses are held in english, with a standard duration of 7 day, a minimum number of participants of 10 people and the the course tuition fee is 70 euros per day.