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Progetto europeo SORT Eco Trail Civitella del Tronto 18 dicembre 2016 Tallacano Trail 2016
Erasmus+ KA1 Training course for Adult education

11 - 17 Februrary 2018. Antroposervice will host a training course on Entrepreneurial Creativity, targeting staff and teachers of adeult education organizations. Antroposervice wants to share with like-minded European organizations, an original training methodology, developed by the renowned institute IPAEA of Ascoli Piceno and later adopeted by the CIAC School Counseling. Such methodology lays at the foundationis of Antorposervice activities in the creative and cultural fields.

In case you're intersted, please email us: There're still some places available for the 11 - 17 Februrary 2018 week. We can also agree on a different period. Check here for the details.

                          is a creative enterprise made ??up of people who are inspired by the same cultural values working to create
something that was not there before.
        People who shared the same professional training and roped with others, have created and spread around the world so
much beauty.
         We believe it is important to rely on mutual respect and shared cultural values ??of which we do not doubt, because they
took us well over the daily horizon.
        Our inspiration is not religious or political, it is not black or white, it does not
entails ideologies. Simply it is a free and experienced faith in
creative and artistic abilities of the human being that no flag will ever expropriate.


Partner del progetto SORT
KA1 Adult education training course
Evaluation meeting, Ascoli Piceno 1-4 december 2016

Antroposervice Sas host the SORT project evaluation meeting, welcoming in the town of Ascoli Piceno a delegation from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Croazia, Slovenia e Hungary. The meeting was also conceived as concrete testimony and support, from European organizations, to the territories hurt by the seismic event of august and october 2016, in the sign of hope and renaissance.
Progetto Europeo SORT Seniors on Reciprocal Tourism