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Training on entrepreneurial creativity

to enhance the competences of those
involved in school and adult education
and lifelong learning, to conceive and
implement innovative training methods,
shaping individual and choral creativity,
experimenting its different expressions and
dimensions: creative writing, video
making, dance, music...
Training on motivational literacy

to discover the social and educational value
of European cultural heritage and develop
new participatory and inclusive narratives,
serving all those who are less prone to an
unavoidable lifelong learning perspective,
starting from principles and values of sharing
and chorality
Creativity and reliability in the concept and
implementation of European and international projects

Antroposervice Sas has conceived and implemented several projects
within European COSME and Erasmus+ programs, on the topics of social
and economic development of creative and cultural industries, of
entrepreneurship and experiential tourism, in an inclusive and sustainable
prespective. Antroposervice has its roots in the promotion and
organization of scientific-cultural partnerships and cooperation initiatives
with organizations from all over Europe as well as from Russia and former
Soviet Union countries.
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Antroposervice Sas is a creative enterprise, made
up of people inspired by shared cultural values,
who have created something that did not exist
before. Persons who have shared a training
process as well as a long professional
apprenticeship, originating along with others
much beauty, bringing it all around the world.
Anthroposervice Sas is based upon mutual esteem
amongst people, upon shared cultural values
reaching beyond the daily horizon, as they are based
on a free and experienced faith in the creative-artistic
abilities of the human being that no flag can ever
expropriate. Antroposervice is inspired by a new "vision"
of the private initiative and creative-productive
possibilities, caring about its values and seeking
solutions with Common Sense.
Because yesterday, today and tomorrow, the
Italian DNA is in having not five, but many very
good senses through which recognizing the
"fabric" of things, to create archipelagos rich in
life and bio-diversity, since the Laws of Life teach
the secret of creativity to those who want to
read them: a master stroke and a pinch of
common sense make possible even the
Since 2015 in charge of the secretariat of the
graduate School of Specialization in
Psychotherapy with existential anaylitical
approach IPAEMarche, open to psychologists
and physicians offically registered within their
respective professional bodies.
For the 11th year partner of Festival dei due Parchi
a project aimed at highlighting the "common
sense" of a creative part of our territory, that of
the two National Parks of "Monti Sibillini" and
"Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga", so that citizens
may reappropriate responsibly and creatively of
the territory for its safeguard and valorization
An innovative and original training provision

Antroposervice provides training courses targeting all those professionals
involved in school education, adult education and lifelong learing in
general, in cooperation with the International Centre Anthropoartistic
Counseling - CIAC, to access and foster individual and choral creativity,
also for the concept and development of creative event and initiatives.
To this aim, Antroposervice Sas hosts also structured training courses, within
KA1 of Erasmus+ Program: learning mobilities of individuals, in school
education and adult education